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This is our Fate !!

man walking on staircase

Some days I stay up awake at night 
and the silence is so loud 
it overwhelms me 
I can't sleep or eat 
filled with so much negativity 
till negativity became me 
but I lie 
and carry on smiling 
because that's a person 
I want to be 
so happy joyful and carefree 
people say just be confident 
they don't understand 
that you get tired 
you get weak 
I just need you to understand 
that I'm filled with self-hate 
and it consumes me 
I wasn't told to be proud of myself 
and love who I am 
NO, I was told 
there were expectations and limitations 
and limitations and fought for every can't be a can 
so filled with hate I suffocate 
This is my Fate !
This is our Fate !!


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