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Today I choose me !

woman holding lit heart

I tell myself as I tried to make myself up 
but it's too late 
I don't want compliment or attention 
from passers-by 
I crave real love not likes
from a social networking website 
and then you start to create this up 
the image that is so perfect and flawless 
and happy because you think that 
that's what is right 
so you can't fill a void with lies 
you can't solve pain with short highs 
so you resort to late-night cries 
and you wonder why 
but the longest time I will blame my environment 
the media my peers and I took me years 
to see that it's not you 
It's me 
if I want to change how I feel 
I have to start from within look into my soul 
what's beneath the skin 
because the solution is an external 
don't you see?
you can't solve your problems with 
what you see on your phone screen!
the answer comes from 
who you are deep inside 
all those thoughts and feelings you tried 
so desperately to hide 
I am capable so much more !! 
and I don't need to hear that from you 
because I know it for me 
See ! then you open your mind 
you start to see things clearly 
you are ambitions your potentials your dreams 
you become free 
so for the first time in a long time 
I'm just gonna let myself breathe!
Today I choose me!


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