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I'm apologizing for just being me!

topless person standing near white petaled flowers

I hate my face, 
my body, the environment that I am in 
I hate myself 
I am filled with so much hate
I don't even know what to do with it 
I see pictures and magazines 
and when I look back at myself 
I no longer like what I see 
They don't show you the stretch marks 
split ends of gap teeth 
They don't represent people 
like you and me 
The irony that was forced down messages 
such as 'Be Yourself' by celebrities 
when they know full 
that they are partially to blame 
for all our Insecurities 
Since Day One 
We have been told to say this 
and do that 
and if I were this 
then a guy might just like me 
running my Confidence to the ground 
I can't even hold a conversation 
without saying the word sorry 
like a hundred thousand times to say 
that I'm apologizing for just being me


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