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Dear Sonam Kapoor,

Dear Sonam Kapoor,

Siththam Maya |Anu Perera

            As many of Kapoors you are also a star kid but meanwhile you are the daughter of Anil Kapoor, one of my favorite. ‘Sawariya’ was your first movie, as I guess and which I had not watched yet unfortunately. By then I have watch almost all the movies of yours and I found a cute little crazy girl inside you with little arrogance. Yah that's oki because you are THE daughter of AK.

Among the films I love 'Khoobsurat' because I love all the costumes you dressed plus your acting behavior which sometimes similar to myself. By the way you look great with ‘Ayushmaann Khurranna’ in 'Bewakoofiyan'. Up to 2015 when I look back your movies I will give the credit of acting to the hit, ‘Raanjhanaa’. You looked amazing over there with the rebel.

When the time comes to 2016, I missed so much Bollywood movies that I interested most with some personal reasons. But I tried not to get rid of them. Somehow I missed your LEGENDRY, ‘NEERJA’. Hope best for the last. I have heard the story before, that legendry woman who was honored as the bravest young citizen. Honestly I didn’t feel that so much before I watch ‘Neerja’. It was a moral story for me. But after watching the movie, oh my god, my first salute goes to the direction, Mr. Ram Madhvani and the entire team and then my second salute goes to my most interested Sonam Kapoor. Seriously I didn’t expect such kind of act from you as a fan of yours. You were brilliant in ‘Neerja’ and you have done fair enough to the real Neerja ma’me. Go for more Sonam jaan. Congratulations!!!

(Sri Lankan)

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