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                You know what? We have lost in our own minds, we have messed our own hearts. So how can we point out the fault to one another when the fault is still with us. Yes, we are fighting to survive a one breath. When once it finished, start to struggle for the next breath. There we take the decision ‘Life Sucks’. The only thing we should understand is we should responsible for our own hearts and minds.

 Simplicity always gives a comfortable to live. When becoming Complex it reflects uncomfortability to survive. Always inhale the good spirits of the nature which available mostly and try to exhale ‘The Humanity’, ‘The Honesty’. Grand this lovable earth with humanity. You can do it. Just try yourself. Let your fake you go run away. Just embrace the comments after being best. Touch your heart and try to say that you are a hell, Never you will. Because Nature recommends that you are a heartiness fellow. There you enjoy the Freedom of your own spirit.

                You will be awesome to the society. Society will call back you. Definitely you will be an in needed person. Your goodwill may spreads all over oceans and oceans. Try harder may not possible always. When we feel disappointed, we really need someone special. ‘Best Friends’. They will raise us back to our positions. No matter how much the time takes, the most important thing is we heal our wounds. And get know about people who stays with us in our matters and left us in such case.

                The World’s most difficult thing to educate is understanding ‘The Human’. The most incredible creature made by the Nature. Even Nature defeats front of this awful mankind.
                Think if you simple change yourself to heartiness man no need to build a Society. Everybody will change singly. Finally we face a nice treating surrounding.

                                Siththam Maya joining Juniors Foundation

                                Anu in writing 

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