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Overcome Overthinking? The Mind Replies !

well, you can't 
you can't overcome 
the feelings that are rising up 
but you can take actions despite them 
that's a very important distinction 
the things that you are feeling clenching up 
feeling like you're not good enough 
feeling like you're not ready 
doubting yourself 
kind of spending too much time thinking about 
how much you wasted 
all of that is a normal fucking shit 
that we all do 
you cannot overcome those thoughts 
because they keep rising up 
and they have become a habit 
it's sort of a pattern  
so don't focus on the thoughts, 
just focus on taking actions 
even though you doubt yourself 
you are gonna feel like an imposter 
until you push through that 
clenched up moment over and over 
and over again 
and then suddenly 
through action 
you are going to see 
that you are not an imposter!


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