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Noor, The Glassy Journo Girl

Noor, The Glassy Journo Girl 

Siththam Maya | Anu Perera

Noor, Noor Roy Chaudhry. Personally I don't like Sonakshi Sinha, that Masala Hip Girl. May be because she is not that slim like others bollywoodies. However I noted first time on screen with R..Raj Kumar which was a great commercial hit of Shahid Kapoor who Minoli akki willing to die. Anyway at that time there were rumors with both Shahid and Sonakshi that they were dating. So it's not going to matter now. Here I am up to write some words on the film Noor. 

So basically it's about a normal sucking life of a journalist who is jamming between her boss and the ordered news coverages. No boyfriend, Fatty, Rum addicted, No fashions... These are few hashtags which suits the character Noor. Her life sucks for her and she hate it because she couldn't use her potential to a great work, which means a real people real story coverage. So in the climax she finally gets her Story and messing up with the story after all. And well I am not going to re write the script here. 

So, In my opinion I like the movements of this movie. An ordinary Journalist Girl becomes an extra ordinary Journalist Girl with her own big story mistake. And personally I am attached to this movie for three reasons. One is It's about a journo girl who wears glasses totally same as me (we should not talk about the prettiness because it’s like embarrassing me). The second one is Noor; the journo girl has three friend gang. Mostly that too same to me. I have that trio in my life. The fashion friend, The most ridiculous friend and the fatty writing one. 

Apart from them the most attachable reason is thought it's showing as a normal story it reveals on the organ criminalism which society talks very rare through an art. Especially when it comes to Bollywood our mind setted up to a sweet honey romantic Lilliput story unlike South Indian film industry which called as Kollywood. 

And yes, I love this movie. Noor, Sorry for ignoring you for past few months judging it with the cover. 

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