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Friendship Date

Friendship Date

Siththam Maya | Anu Perera

What do you really mean by a DATE ? 
Coffee with your girlfriend or boyfriend ?

Hello, I am talking to you bud, Just answer this ?

OK Just don't, Let me clarify;

In a Eastern Country like #SriLanka, Hell noooh !!! I am so sorry for wrong start up yaar,

In a Eastern Country unlike #SriLanka, where People used to be Easternized while whitewashing to be Westernized, Hell they do not know what is a DATE.

You know what is ridiculous here?

People pretend as foreigners and act like them, but in minds they come out really cowards. 

In such a situation a boy and a girl is unable have a date of FRIENDSHIP, a walk through FRIENDSHIP.  

If I say that This society is the only responsible for many of suicide lovers. Will you agree with me ? 

Ok don't. But see how the nature of westernized societies. Different Sexes going out for a DATE, share their ideas, become Friends if they want to strength their bond, option is LOVE, if not FRIENDSHIP remains. 

Either no LOVE but BEST FRIENDS, 

And the nature of SRI LANKANS ? 

To me FRIENDSHIP is beyond something other than being ROMANCE. FRIENDSHIP gives such a free to my life. 

You should be proud if you are in my FRIENDSHIP BUSKIT, Are you ?

- Anu

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