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5 reasons why Deepika Padukone WON’T marry Ranveer Singh

5 reasons why Deepika Padukone WON’T marry Ranveer Singh

Siththam Maya | Gossips

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have pretty much established their relationship status. Now the question on everyone, including my mind is that when will they take the pheras and get married ? Well, everyone is speculating that the Bajirao Mastani jodi might tie the knot someone time in 2016. BollywoodMania can exclusively tell you 5 reasons why there will be no Ranveer-Deepika wedding happening any time soon

Reason number 1 – Ranveer Singh hasn’t really had a big hit since the 2013 release Ram Leela. And from what we know, marriage is the last thing on his mind. A source reveals that Ranveer is in no mood to give up his bachelorhood yet and wants to deliver a big hit before settling down. Fair enough we say!

Reason number 2 – Deepika’s at the top of her game now. With Piku this year, she has retained her crown as the number 1 heroine in the industry. Sources close to her reveal that she won’t quit her position anytime soon for marriage. Make sense, with Tamasha, Bajirao Mastani and an unannounced film with Salman in her kitty, there is no way Dippy will give up films and become Mrs Singh.

Reason number 3 – Once bitten twice shy. Even though her relationship with Ranveer is at its best phase, we are told Dippy is taking it slow. Perhaps learning from her previous relationship with Ranbir, she wants to make sure she doesn’t make a hasty decision.

Reason number 4 – We are told that while their respective parents have met, there is no date set aside for any wedding yet. If at all a decision is made, it won’t happen in the next 5 years at least.

Reason number 5 – While everyone might think that Deepika is the more ambitious of the two, Ranveer is in no rush to settle down and give up his status as one of the most popular actors. He’s already showed his versatility and range with films like Lootera, Dil Dhadakne Do and Ram Leela, and the actor is on a hunt for a role of a lifetime.

- Bollywood Mania

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