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" The Girl Next To Me "

| Anu Perera
The story begins with an ordinary girl who knows everyone. She seems very thin and tiny. Each an every minute i had something to search about her. A fair person wearing a spectacles always. She seems not highly pretty. So what is her specialty ? She has no specialty unless her patiency and endurance. That is why she became the main speaker of the story. So let me weave the journal around her...

We were not recognize each other though we were in the same lecture hall.Every morning we meet at the lecture hall but no speaking no smiling.It stretches around one year maximum. Little by little we began to talk. Not too much but a simple " GOOD MORNING " and a very little smile over there. Once we had to sit on the same row unless my crowd of friends seem absentees. I had to struggle very alone at a very boring lecture.

The girl next to me was kind a very intelligent appearance. She talked to me as a stranger.
  " hey,friend do you have that setup file?"
I just upside down my 'U' shaped mouth and said "No", though i had the setup file.
with a very thankful smile she said "Its ok. Thank you !"
I know that it's not ok without the setup file."What a jerk you are?" I blamed myself. Without let the time to eclipse i hurried, "hey,here is your setup dude". Same thankful smile reflects me again. So then I feel comfortable.

Days flied among us and one day when I am waiting for a train at Colombo Fort railway station I received a SMS from the strange friend i met recently.
"hey Anu, i got a project. shall both of us do it as i have no clear friends at the classroom."
I replied " Project about what? "
She replied " They need a software based system for their hardware shop"
I replied "OK" ,Perhaps i might be a very radical friend to her on the first steps.

Soon,we went to discuss about the matter with our clients.Our same clients were my secondary clients and her primary clients. Huh, It was a very nice meeting but have no style in meeting. Finally we came home very clumsy having no idea of the project but with full of requirements bus-kit. The client gave us a date to call. who cares? we forgot. so we lost our project but remained a friend indeed. In early I was so radical on making bonds and i think now i am a very polite person on that subject. My daddy blood gave me the reputation among friends to be in proud not for everyone but for some others.You will understand it if you can be a closest of mine.How much I care? How much I give affection?

She became so familiar with me. Not just as a friend but as a sister of mine. So I enroll this bond as "SISTER-SHIP". The most lovely thing is she accommodates my all radical words, there i can win all the debates.But if I did something mischievous she take all the authority of ELDER_SISTER and take all actions over me.

But sister do you know that i really haffy on you just like my child (Special keep remind that you are not the most loving person of my life :D. hehee)I feel relax when I thought about myself which I became the best solution of your greatest failure in your life.So I am proud of myself

Finally, when winding up this journal about my new bestie i feel that is that journal about you or mine ? But dude i wrote this for you.oki?

Anyway in my heart i think that;

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