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"Dear Anger"

| Anu Perera
Dear Anger,

    Once you became my SWOT. Means my Strength, my Weakness, my Opportunity, my Threat. I feel very relax without you. I don't hate you either I don't love you. I lost many more things because of you. The fault is with me. why, I let you into my life. At the first steps I thought that you are my STRENGHT. my sole mate. By releasing anger i own what I want. Buthow  i am not a mischievous one. For an example think that I deeply want to buy something which i dream about. The best example is my first blood donation. I tried so many times for it. I was insane in giving blood but I rejected 20 times. How poor i am? with lots of cannots i had to wait and watch. But you know something I damn tryout and success my goal. Yes finally. Why insane of giving blood mixes with my anger. Anger push me front. He told me, "Yes Anu why cant you, Let others to kid you. But never give up. I am with you always and forever" OMG he told me that. There he became my sole mate.When I feel I am at the door step of unsuccessful. I gear up my anger and go through it to the success. Yes he owned me lots of my hopes same as he kept me away from my loved ones. He always tried to become the solution of my matter as a habbit. When time says me tik tok even my shadow wasn't with me. Completely i gone mad by been so isolated. My heart crushed, my body grinded. I saw my loneliness waving at me. What the hell happening? Where am I? Am I dismiss in between Past and Present? "No way" my heart called me "Hello" ......
He welcomed me so warmly. How sweet he was. I saw Humanity without anger. I don't love you anymore my anger. Please let my patient heart to fully loaded.
Because I am really happy with him.


| Anu Perera
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