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Baar Baar Dheko 2016 | Siddarth Malhotra | Katrina Kaif | Karan Johar | Nitya Mehra

Baar Baar Dheko 2016 | Siddarth Malhotra | Katrina Kaif | Karan Johar | Nitya Mehra

            Siththam Maya | Anu Perera

Here, we catch-up again with a Bollywood block blaster review writing (for myself). So this time it is none another " BAAR BAAR DHEKO " (2016) which title means " Look Again and Again ", So the brilliancy starts with the title given to the film. You know what, my first impression starts with the title of any. It should be so attractive and so strong one. And specially I should mention that how I got the movie to watch. Actually that’s not necessary. Let’s move on to the movie.

            I am always in a relationship with “Dharma Movies”, The feeling when “Dharma Production” ‘s logo appears before stating the movie with “Kuch Kuch Hotha Hai” female vocals, oh my gosh. I have no words to describe my feelings for it. Like I am watching my own Production, like my mouth opens without my sense, like my eyeballs come out the placings, even I don’t feel like I exist anymore proving KJO aka Karan Johar is my SUPERMAN in movie success. (while respectful love for THE Sanjay Leela Bhansali Jee )  

Ahem! THE Baar Baar Dheko is released in 09th of September 2016 which directed by the DEBUT DIRECTOR Nitya Mehra and produced by Karan Johar (my superman in movie success), Farhan Akthar and Ritesh Sidhwani. And omg leading Charming Boy Siddharth Malhotra and Super Sexy Katrina Kaif. This was the first time Zid and Kat worked together. I think they had spent enough good time together (conclusion after watching behind scenes of the movie, I meant really nice and sweet time they have spent)

As bunch of Bollywood movies, this one too flows in a traditional love story between a Mathematics Professor and an Artist who are naming “Jai Varma” and “Diya Kapoor” but at a point it changes the whole story upside down, As Jai finds himself in the story, audience help him to sort out his problems. From the point I mentioned above appears the screen on, it steals the breath of each and every single watcher for sure. The audience lives with Jai and Diya’s upside down love story and proves finally;


So this is it about Baar Baar Dheko and for sure I can guarantee for one thing. Once you watch the movie, just remember this, you will definitely Baar Baar Dheko it. And happily this became my second most favorite film.

All the very best team Baar Baar Dheko for all your contributions and favors. Zid and Kat you guys were such a perfect couple on screens and your work, that’s fabulous. I was really surprised. Leading roles performing this highness definitely because the hardworking of the captain Director, Nitya Mehra. You have shown your all more colors from your very first movie. And that’s a too good inspiration for me ma’me. Director ‘s hard work receive the most respectful honours because of her strong producer. When all the matters financially stable, Creativity doesn’t lay off.

Anu Perera


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