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Traveling through the snow

Traveling through the snow

Siththam Maya | Nisansala Dharmasena Bertholamuze

Land of the lions 
Where the dragons fly
That is where I roam in weathers unknown
And in seasons of June

I came across oceans full of pearls
Hiking through fields of golden brown
Dew was kissing my feet
While blood was pouring down

Winds of north, winds of south
All tangled up in the web of life
Searching for happiness,
Searching for my love
I traveled across fields of green
flowers were blooming for spring

Climbing over mountains covered with snow
Carrying a backpack full of memories of you
I have come so far in sake of you
But you have passed away to worlds more wonderful

I travel over valleys and fields
sailing through oceans so blue,
Blue as the lovely eyes of you

In the land of the Vikings 
I will meet you
Till that day I climb over mountains
Dressed in snow
Picking flowers blooming for spring
In our garden of love
I travel with the memories of you.

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